Breaking: APC to expel ‘Charlatan’ seeking 3rd Term for Buhari

the media “about a purported legal action taken by a self-proclaimed member of the Party, Charles Enya, seeking an amendment of the constitution to allow President Muhammadu Buhari run for a third term in office”.

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APC said it had initially chosen to ignore him, it that it has become important to send a clear message to him and such other agent provocateurs, adding that the initiator of the suit might have been sponsored by the “misguided opposition”.
“The Party is, however, by this statement sending a strong signal to such other busybodies like Charles Enya who may be contemplating testing the resolve of our government on our mission to work for the best for our country to be ready to face the law.
“We would follow this new enemy of our country, who is most likely being sponsored by the desperate and misguided opposition, every step of the way, using all legal means to thwart his devilish efforts to create chaos in our country.
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“As a party, we would not take kindly to anyone or group causing an unnecessary distraction for this administration through anti-democratic actions. As a country, we are several years behind where we ought to be. President Buhari-led administration is focused on the onerous responsibility of delivering good governance. We are focused on revamping our moribund infrastructure, growing the economy, fighting corruption, creating the right environment for our teeming youths to deploy their creative energies, and providing adequate security for all of our people”, APC said.

The party added that it has no room for anti-democratic forces and would always abide by the tenets of democracy.
“We have tried to find out the status of this character claiming to be a member of our party. If he turns out to be our member, we would ensure the party organ that has the responsibility to act on this matter promptly commence the process of expelling him. We are a progressive party and we do not have space for anti-democratic forces and charlatans.

“At the last National Executive Committee NEC meeting of the Party, President Buhari didn’t mince words and he is not the type that talks tongue in cheek. He pointedly said he would abide by the constitution and uphold the oath of office he took, swearing by the holy book he believes in. This is he said was beside his advanced age which made such an idea beyond his contemplation.
“The NEC meeting highlights released to the media by the party equally quoted the President admonishing APC members, leaders and elected officials to reposition themselves in their respective constituencies so as to sustain the administration’s landmark legacies beyond 2023 when the President’s constitutionally permitted terms end.

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  1. This are the peoples that doesn’t want good for Nigeria, they want to detain Buhari for another 4years after 2023,why because Buhari is incapable of managing the country’s economy, for that cause they have a chance to loot government treasury, and Buhari is busy traveling up and down, come back and write petition to Senate to borrow trillions of naira and putting the country into debt, not just debts but selling Nigeria into a slave trade, God will never allowed their wicked intention to stand for this country

  2. His first term was a disaster and someone is still advocating for a third term for him, God will help us in this country

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